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Professional translations and language services

connecting you with the world

We meet your needs by transforming content into value,
in any language.

"Translations by translators" is our pay-off, just 3 words that sum up our history and decades of experience in the translation business, allowing us to offer our expertise and a professional service in every field.



Technical translations

Given the complexity of this type of translation, only professional translators specialised in the respective fields can assure a reliable and accurate service.

Certified and sworn translations

We provide this service when the certification or legalisation of a legal text (contracts, powers of attorney, certificates, etc.) is required.

Scientific translations

Scientific texts (medicine, environment, research, medical equipment, etc.) require an appropriate language and professional style that can only be guaranteed by translators with the right knowledge and skills.


Identifies the creative translation process that aims to convey a message from one language to another without changing the meaning, style, tone or context.


Reducing our footprint…

Can translation be sustainable? Undoubtedly. How we act in the office (avoiding the use of paper and disposable materials), reducing travel in private vehicles, working via zoom or other platforms, are all gestures that help sustainability, as does our remote simultaneous interpreting service. Fewer travel and hotel expenses and less pollution. Your costs will fall while offering your clients a top-quality, professional service with highly qualified interpreters.

In addition, for many years we have been working in the field of GREEN TRANSLATION, providing scientific and technical translations for the green economy and sustainability reports.

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"With Technotrad, we were able to translate our portal, website, help center and other services in no time! We love the human touch and price-quality ratio. The company meets our working spirit, which definitely accelerated our internationalization."

Jesse Sloof  - LeadInfo

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